About us

We are a young company with unique know-how.

We combine almost 20 years of experience managing product data throughout the entire product lifecycle and researching the mathematically precise analysis of product models.


Logic provides the foundation for our development and our software.

A logic is a precisely defined language with a unique meaning. We are experts in the whole range of logics and in methods for analyzing logical formulas.

Every computer program and every arithmetic formula expressing a linear optimization problem is a formula in a specific logic.

Our know-how goes beyond this. We are experts for logics that represent your products, your processes and even your entire value chain.


Research is an integral part of our work.

Almost all the problems that arise in the context of analyzing product models are so-called “hard” problems, i.e. problems that generally cannot be solved within a reasonable period of time.


We are researching new methods for the optimal and efficient computation of your models. Virtually all our solutions are the result of our own research and are therefore unique worldwide.

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