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Product complexity still on the increase

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Globalization, serving new market sectors and the continued rise in demand for customized products at consumer prices means that product manufacturers are increasingly relying on variant-rich, adaptable product portfolios. This strategic decision leads to an increasing level of complexity, which in turn requires sustainable and comprehensive process and product management. Critical in this context are, in particular, the processes intended to master the complexity that arises from the large number of different variants.

Enterprise-wide integration of numerous variants

In order to meet the requirements placed on product quality and product safety, as well as the demand for ever-shorter response times during product development and tendering, the many different variants must be mastered across processes and departments (development, production, logistics, finance and marketing) in particular. This is the ideal way to secure your market shares in the future and respond flexibly to the ever-changing demands of the market and the wishes of your customers.

Mastering complexity with Logic4Business and v.control

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Logic4Business provides you with support both during development and implementation of the best possible variant management strategy for your company. We provide you with our individually tailored consulting package, which comprises specially developed methods, best practices and software tools. We thus cover the full range of services – from strategy consulting to process rollout through to implementation in your PLM systems. This is also where our competent partner, PROSTEP AG, the leading specialist for PLM strategy and implementation, comes into play.

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v.control, our unique and comprehensive analysis software for highly variant product portfolios, provides ideal support for your variant management processes. v.control can be adapted flexibly to your processes and optimally integrated in your PLM and IT landscape.

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