A typical project

The product portfolio of a company contains a number of products that are controlled to a significant extent by software

The functions of each individual product are controlled by specific software. This software comprises modules, each of which controls a particular product function. This results in complex dependencies between the individual modules and the products.

At the click of a button, our software v.control verifies the consistency of your entire product portfolio and assembles the optimal software for each product from the available modules.

If the requirements regarding consistency are violated, v.control provides you with a graphical conflict analysis that is tailored to your individual requirements. It also helps you in eliminate the inconsistencies by suggesting suitable solutions.

v.control provides fast, solution-centric and mathematically precise answers to your questions relating to your product portfolio. For example:

  • Is there a conflict between the dependencies of my modules?
  • Is there software for each of my products that controls all its functions?
  • Are there several options for generating software for one of my products?
  • If there are several options: What is the optimal software for my product, e.g. with regard to cost or memory requirements?
  • Is there a module that is not used by any of my products?
  • Is there a module that can never be used for a product because of the dependencies involved?

We adapt v.control to your requirements and integrate it in your system and process landscape. Instead of employees spending large amounts of time on manually intervening in your production process, v.control ensures the smooth flow of your processes fully automatically. It ensures process reliability throughout the entire product lifecycle - from product development to customer support.

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