Our services comprise

Analysis of variant product structures

You can perform a complete analysis of your complex product data using our v.control software. This enables you to ensure the consistency of your product data and identify problems immediately, thus avoiding expensive and time-consuming corrections downstream. v.control not only analyzes complex data but also product data of any size.

Our variant management services

Optimization of variant product structures.

Use v.control to optimize your products in line with customer demand. With v.control, you quickly and reliably identify potential for optimizing your products, regardless of whether you are interested in reusing parts, production costs, warehousing costs or developing new product variants.

Our services for optimizing product configurations

Our services for optimizing product models

Visualization and modeling of variants

Our v.control software visualizes and models variant product structures in your company. If problems are identified during analysis, v.control provides you with possible solutions for correcting them.

Integration of variants from different systems

v.control can process data from different systems such as PDM/ERP/ALM and thus integrate the variants from different source systems. We use PROSTEP's OpenPDM, the leading product for PLM system integration worldwide, for integrating v.control in your system and process landscape.