Solutions for complexity and variant management

The number and complexity of product variants is constantly increasing. In addition, the variants are often described and managed in different ways. The merging and uniform handling of variants therefore offers great potential for savings.

Logic4Business use both standardized methodologies and our own product developments, which allow you to manage your numerous variants reliably.

We turn the complexity of product development into your competitive advantage.

Our experts, with their many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the problems and solutions involved in variant management, provide you with support – from analysis to the concept and requirements specification to implementation of the best solution for you.

We offer you

  • Use case analysis and the development of process models and methodologies for variant management.
  • Architecture analysis, definition of the system architecture and the interfaces.
  • Creation of an integrated variant model for the entire product development process instead of individual variant descriptions.
  • Mathematical method for analyzing even extremely large amounts of varied data.
  • The globally unique concept and analysis tool v.control.

v.control - The concept and analysis software for your variant management

With v.control, you extract integrated product models from your existing data that support the entire product lifecycle – from research to development and production through to sales and customer support.

Functional scope of v.control

  • Mathematical method for analyzing even extremely large amounts of varied data.
  • Clear graphical representation of the dependencies between variants, options and product configurations.
  • Display of inconsistencies, gaps, redundancies and surpluses in the product data in real time and support for their correction.
  • The linking of multiple product models from different disciplines such as marketing, engineering and others.
  • Consistency analyses at the push of a button.